Music Engraving Software (SpeedScore)

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Frederick Noad Software

For your Macintosh computer
(For Best Results Use OS 8.6 to 9.2 In Classic Mode)
[We cannot guarantee that this software will work properly with OS above 9.2]

For those who own Macintosh computers Frederick Noad has developed a music scoring program that is particularly well adapted for writing music for the guitar and lute. In addition to all the usual symbols for bars, circled string numbers, chord boxes etc. the program even contains the letters of French tablature as used by composers of the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Note Check feature 

SpeedScore is like a word processing program for music, and like word processors your "spelling" can be checked by the computer. Just passing a cursor over the notes gives you the sound of the notes, making errors quickly apparent to the ear. This is known as "Scrub Playback".. Other improvements include excellent printing to Epson printers, improved reliability etc..

Click here for a printable copy of Howard Heitmeyer's arrangement of J.S. Bach's "Bourree in E Minor" set in SpeedScore.

SpeedScore was written up in the Macintosh Music and Sound Bible. The author, Christopher Yavelow, wrote

"It is difficult to imagine a program that is simpler to operate and yet as powerful as SpeedScore".

SpeedScore Music Engraver $89.95 (FN55) Plus $3.50 Shipping.

(Additional Shipping Charges Apply To Countries Outside the U.S.A.  Please email us for shipping charges) 

 Also highly recommended is "The Art of Music Engraving & Processing" by Ted Ross. (see below)

The Art of Music Engraving & Processing (book) $16.95 (FN56)

(Additional Shipping Charges Apply To Countries Outside the U.S.A.  Please email us for shipping charges)