The Renaissance Guitar

Selected and transcribed from tablature originals by Frederick Noad.


9    Preface
11   Introduction

Easier Music 22 Spagnoletta Anonymous 23 Tanz Georg Fuhrmann 24 Branle Gay Jean Baptiste Besard 25 Toy Francis Cutting 26 Wilson's Wilde Anonymous 27 Lesson For Two Lutes Anonymous 28 Shall I Come Sweet Love To Thee Thomas Campion 30 Branle De Bourgogne Adrien Le Roy 31 The Parlement Anonymous 32 If My Complaints Could Passions Move John Dowland 35 Volt Anonymous 36 Recercate Concertante Francesco da Milano & Joanne Matelart 39 Sonnet Enriquez de Valderrabano 40 Pavan Luis Milan 42 Fantasia Anonymous 43 The Round Battle Galliard John Dowland 44 Never Weather Beaten Sail Thomas Campion 46 La Rossignol Anonymous 48 Tarleton's Resurrection John Dowland 

49 Intermediate Music 50 Ballet Elias Mertel 51 Galliard Anthony Holborne 52 The Cobbler Anonymous 54 Alman Robert Johnson 55 Galliard Philip Rosseter 56 Toda Mi Vida Os Ame Luis Milan 61 The Night Watch Anthony Holborne 62 Drewrie's Accordes Anonymous 65 Air John Dowland 66 Go From My Window Anonymous 68 Morenica Da Me Un Beso Juan Vasquez 72 Toy For Two Lutes Thomas Robinson 74 Fantasia Miguel de Fuenllana 76 Greensleeves Francis Cutting 78 Guardame Las Vacas Luis de Narvaez 80 Melancholy Galliard John Dowland 82 When To Her Lute Corinna Sings Thomas Campion 84 Galliard Alonso de Mudarra 85 Mrs. Anne Harecourt's Galliard Francis Pilkington

86 Advanced Music 87 The King of Denmark's Galliard John Dowland 88 Queen Elizabeth's Galliard John Dowland 90 Lady Hammond's Alman John Dowland 91 Lady Hunsdon's Alman John Dowland 93 The Flatt Pavin John Johnson 96 Galliard To The Flatt Pavin John Johnson 98 As I Went To Walsingham Anonymous 100 Come Heavy Sleep John Dowland 102 Almain Francis Cutting 104 Mrs. Taylor's Galliard Philip Rosseter 106 Rest Sweet Nymphs Francis Pilkington 108 Fantasia Alonso de Mudarra 110 Entree De Luth Robert Ballard 111 Fantasia John Dowland 114 My Love Hath Vowed Thomas Campion 116 Mr. Southcote's Pavan Thomas Ford 118 When From My Love John Bartlet

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