Howard's Music Page

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This page features Howard Heitmeyer's Classical Guitar Arrangements.  Go to one of the below listed links to view arrangements.

Attention:  If you are interested in any of the below music but you have a shipping address outside the U.S. it is possible for this
                  music to be scanned and E-Mailed to you.  The reason for doing this is because U.S. Postal rates are so high.  It would
                  cost a minimum of $12.75 to send 1 or 2 sheets of music via first class international mail.  That is an awful lot to pay for
                  1 or 2 sheets of music.  If you would prefer to have the music E-Mailed to you we can do it for a flat rate.  Email us
                  at: and tell us what music you would like and we will give you an exact cost (costs will
                  vary slightly depending on the number of sheets to be scanned and E-Mailed). [Also keep in mind that postal rates
                  are constantly going up].

Solo Arrangements

Duet Arrangements